How do you help a loved one with Alzheimer's with personal hygiene?

Posted on June 08, 2018

Alzheimer's can begin to affect our loved one's personal hygiene rhythms. It can feel like nagging when we constantly encourage them to take a shower or brush their teeth. Our loved ones may become resistant to hygiene routines and our requests. It's important to hear from others in your shoes who have found the best ways to deal with this struggle.

On myALZteam, the social network and online support group for family and friends caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's, members talk about a range of personal experiences and struggles. Helping a loved one with personal hygiene is one of the top topics most discussed.

Here are some question-and-answer threads about personal hygiene:

I am having trouble getting my precious mother with Alzheimer's to shower. Help!

Has anyone had any more success with giving or getting a loved one to take baths instead of showers?

My wife is being obstinate about showering and teeth brushing on a regular basis. Any suggestions?

Here are some conversations about personal hygiene:

Any tips on how to encourage personal hygiene and changing clothes? Mum refuses to do this even with positive reinforcement...

Personal hygiene is a real problem.

Our current issue is getting her to take a shower. It has been 6 weeks...

Could not get husband to get cleaned up. Refuses to get a shower or wash up. He won't change his clothes. Sleeps with his clothes and shoes on at night... Does anyone have any ideas?

Can you relate?

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A myALZteam Member said:

I think it is often down to energy. I've got carers involved now to assist with showering as I really struggled.

posted about 1 month ago


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