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My Mom doesn't talk much, won't initiate conversations and just watches TV. Why? Is she unable to talk or find words?

My Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2013. She still remembers all of us kids and can still do small tasks on her own. My mom was a person who was very involved in all sorts of things, she was writing her own book, went to a writers group, she loved to draw and paint, loves reading, went to spiritual guidance groups, does crochet and made lots of scrap books and never watched TV during the day. Now… read more

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@A myALZteam User my Pops used to look at the TV but not really watch it. He used to read anything written on the comercials like Ads, phone numbers,… read more

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Short term memory failing quickly

My mom has been losing her short term memory for about a year now. After a petscan it showed no signs of alzheimers, then in the same breath the doctor said they aren't always accurate. She tests well on that 30 point test when she is at the neurologist (29 & 28 out of 30 the two times she took the test). Then at home she can't remember seeing my sister the day before when she was at her house for dinner and forgets things that happened a few hours before. She also doesn't… read more

posted 6 days ago by A myALZteam User

@A myALZteam User Does your Mom live alone? Isolation can cause confusion. So can dehydration, malnutritian, or infection. Does Mom have a fever? check… read more

posted 5 days ago

Should my mother be told she has dementia. At diagnosis her doctor said there was no point.

Mum gets very confused, looking for people that are not here. Says she doesn’t know who to believe. Asks where she is sleeping every night. In the morning she seems better. Maybe if she knew she had dementia she would understand her confusion.

posted 8 days ago by A myALZteam User
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I have not asked the doctor if I should tell Dad he has Alzheimer's. But after his caretaker moved in and stole all his money and belongings I snatched… read more

posted 2 days ago

is it safe to take someone on holiday with Alzheimers

I am my aunts carer and have a holiday booked that i would like to take her on, its just we are a bit concerned if she goes wandering, we know most of her places at home to look for her, we will be with her 24/7 but she does sometimes wander during the night

posted 9 days ago by A myALZteam User

How to change my dad where I don't see him naked? He know who I am

My mom has to have knee replacement as soon as possible. I help her with my dad has stage is he has to have someone with him at all times. He has to wear a diaper
I have no problem with my dad. But I don't want to see my dad naked. He knows who I am & I think he feels the same way. He will change his shirt shoes & socks for me. But not his pants. Mom will be in hospital for a couple of days. The thought of him being wet & not clean is… read more

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posted 12 days ago by A myALZteam User
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Thank you it did all work out. When we were all done nice clean clothes. He said my daughter come by & stays with me alot & she should be here.… read more

posted 10 days ago

Home health care and death?

My mom is at the very end of her life do I call her doctor or the EMT's when she passes? I'd say I have a day maybe up to 3 left!

posted 13 days ago by A myALZteam User
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so sorry for your loss....

posted 2 days ago

need information on nursing home care for mom

I am needing advice on nursing home care for mom. She does not own her own house she lives with us. Has a little investment and owns some land. Will she have to get rid of all her assets before we can get help with the cost of the home? I have power of attorney and my name is on everything she has. It is a joint account on everything. If I have power of attorney does that make everything she has mine too? Can someone point me to the right direction to get some… read more

tags: Assisted living. Nursing home #powerofattorney

posted 13 days ago by A myALZteam User
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worth the cost of a lawyer so you dont lose what she would have wanted you to have

posted 12 days ago

My mother walks around the house rubbing her bible on everything and praying

My mom seems ok sometimes but maybe that's me in denial. She opened the door for my oldest son who was struggling with his arms full but she will spend hours blessing every page in her cookbooks. She will rub her bible on the tables, the couch, her books. She will flick her hand in the sign of a cross at all of us. She doesn't go to church anymore because when she came back from it she would talk about demons in the garage. It confuses… read more

tags: Blessing praying Difficult decisions Raising a baby with a person who has dementia

posted 13 days ago by A myALZteam User

Hard question but I started as my mom's care giver and am nearly thru (she's close to the end of her life) and I have my brother care for her… read more

posted 13 days ago

It is about using the Exelon Patch and how to get assistance with the cost?

I applied for assistance with the Exelon Patch for my 91-year-old husband, who has been diagnosed with vascular dementia. It was denied on the basis that we have drug insurance. We do not. They sent us forms to fill out to appeal. It has about 4 options. One is go to the VA and one asks about our income and other hard-to-answer questions. I am trying to decide which option to take. I described it a little to my husband and he said I do… read more

posted 14 days ago by A myALZteam User

My mom's side effects was flu like symptoms. She threw up and was feverish. We tried this a half dozen times and after she was completely off it she… read more

posted 13 days ago

Self denial

No matter how many times she’s been told by numerous doctors about her dementia she is still in denial. She says things like “I think they’ve made a mistake”

posted 15 days ago by A myALZteam User
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It doesn't just happen from one day to the next... Dad gradually forgot , then maybe a few days later he'd recognise me. Then a hour later he could look… read more

posted 3 days ago
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