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What Options I Have For Support In Th Ehome From Medicare Or Medicaid?

What Options I Have For Support In Th Ehome From Medicare Or Medicaid?

My mom has the CCSP waiver. I need to know what options are available. I know about PCH but what other options like keeping her in my home with support. What support can I get from Medicaid? Can someone in the family get paid for taking care of her in my home?

A myALZteam Member said:

Hi Mamame950! The questions you have are great and ones that many people have! However, it is probably best to get that information a little closer to home as no one here knows all your details and it would be a shame to get sent in the wrong direction. Have you checked in with your county-level Area Agency on Aging? For DeKalb County, the web address is and it is called the Office of Aging. Their phone number is (Phone number can only be seen by the question and answer creators). They should be able to help you with what services are available to your mother and connect you with some local advisors to find out how to get her needs met. I hope this helps! Sending hugs and support!❤️

posted 5 months ago
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