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How Much Does A Lawyer Dealing With Seniors Charge To Make Out A POWER OF ATTORNEY?

A myALZteam Member

posted August 2, 2018
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A myALZteam Member

hi my daughter printed out durable power of attorney papers, took my mom with me to get them notarized and used them, no issues . when we went to social security they had
me fill out a payee type form while i was there to go with the poa that was free too.

posted October 10, 2021
A myALZteam Member

There are senior centers in most cities and definitely in each state that can direct you to inexpensive options. In fact, there are forms you can find online. I think that as long as a notary is there, you can sign off on one. I did have a social worker tell me that as soon as a loved one was diagnosed with dementia, that was a basis for declaring the individual incompetent and the spouse could take over with POA. I'm not sure if it's that simple when there are multiple children involved. I've yet to confirm this. Fortunately, I pushed for this early on, after I watched my mom's dementia evolve. My Dad was willing to go along so the paper work was already in place. Hindsight is 20-20, but I've already started working on one so my kids will have it when the time comes.

posted August 10, 2018
A myALZteam Member

Our regular lawyer did a Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) for us for medical and a separate one for financial. Cost us $75 if I remember right but we live in a rural area so it might be more expensive where you live.

posted August 3, 2018
A myALZteam Member

Arthur, if it's just a Mental Health POA, a hospital or physicians office will do it no charge.
The General Durable POA is a short downloadable form you can print yourself and then get it notarized at any notary. I took it to my bank.
Neither of these cost me anything. Hope this helps πŸ’œ

posted August 3, 2018
A myALZteam Member

Depends on what type of POA you need. Is it just a general POA or a more detailed one? We just had our Living Trust reviewed and added our son as POA over both of us. It cost $200. Hope this helps. You might try legal aid they might be able to walk you through it cutting cost. Hope this helps. Good luck!

posted August 2, 2018

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