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Taking/ "squirreling", disguising and hoarding other people's possessions

Hello all,

Has anyone got any experience/advice for a relative with Alzheimers taking possessions not belonging to them (e.g. from day centres, restaurants, shops etc.), disguising and hoarding them? My 89 year old aunt, who has Alzheimers, has become very proficient at this and picks up any item from food to clothes. She has deveoped a penchant for cutlery–she thinks she could do with a knife in case there is an intruder; she is also… read more

edited, originally posted 4 days ago
A myALZteam Member said:

Thank you very much all- your replies, thoughts and support have been really helpful.

posted 3 days ago
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Has anyone heard of the 21 day Memory Repair Protocol diet? If so, has anyone tried it?

Supposedly, it gets rid of all sugar in your diet in an effort to get ketones working in the brain again. I wanted to try it, but thought it might be a scam.

posted over 1 year ago
A myALZteam Member said:

Scary how eating a healthy diet can’t keep ALZ away.

posted 5 months ago
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My mom , according to the 7 stages, is probably late mid stage. I have been her caregiver full time since January and have seen some tiny changes and decline.

However, the one big thing Inhave noticed is the decline in her appetite. She was always an avid cook and although I am no where near the cook she was, and It is not one of my favorite hobbies, (lol), I cook for her instead of taking the expensive, easy way out and using processed or sat foods.

She loves soups and stews but I'm not sure that is… read more

posted over 2 years ago
A myALZteam Member said:

I was told by a neurologist that sometimes you have to turn the patient's plate so they know there is more there. I have not experienced this with my… read more

posted 3 days ago
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How do I make my husband comfortable when I bring someone in to sit with him for a few hours?

I am the caregiver for my 69 yr old husband who was diagnosed 5 yrs ago with Alzheimer’s. He still thinks he is capable of doing most things he could do before, which he is not. He is OK to leave home while I go for groceries as long as I leave him a note. The note helps when he forgets where I am. I also check in on him with my Alexa screen. All he has to do is talk to me-no dialing or answering the phone. He is soooo… read more

posted 19 days ago
A myALZteam Member said:

Thank you

posted 5 days ago
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How do you help your spouse understand your caregiver stress and demands?

My husband is really good with my Mum (83); he makes her laugh, sometimes takes over in answering the every-other-minute repetitive questions and now travels with me once a year to my parents’ winter home so we can take Mum away for a few days to give my Dad a break. I am very grateful for this help. However, this time, he got very frustrated with me for “trying to over-control everything” and I am pretty angry at the lack of empathy and… read more

posted 12 months ago
A myALZteam Member said:

Exactly! I also have a 10 yr old & hes much easier to care for

posted 11 days ago
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How many hours of sleep do ALZ people need? I know their sleep is not as restful/deep.

My dad (87yr), goes to bed at 8pm. He'll get up once to pee, either before midnight or between 5-6am. He will then want to stay in bed until noon if allowed. This seems excessive to me. Thoughts please.

posted 12 days ago
A myALZteam Member said:

It could be the meds as I give the ones that cause drowsiness at night. 630pm. So a 12hr night might not be bad. Thanks

posted 12 days ago
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When did you know it was time to put a loved one in a Memory Care Facility

I have been caring, living with my Dad, for several years now. A few weeks ago he has gotten to where he doesn't know who I am or my husband. We have a caregiver in home 3 times a week so that I can go to work as he can't be left alone anymore. It is really hard on us all and I am beginning to wonder if it is time to move him to a care facility. I guess what I want to know is what were the signs that you knew it was time and you felt… read more

posted about 2 months ago
A myALZteam Member said:

Now that the stock market has tanked it makes the decision that much harder. It is mind boggling to try to figure out what is best. Do I pay $60 a days… read more

posted 13 days ago
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stages of altzheimers

Hi all, just wondering how long other people have found from when they first noticed symptoms of loosing things and memory loss to when their loved one becomes incontinent and unable to do their own personal cares etc...
My husband has shown signs of altzheimers for 10 years now and getting progressively worse over the last 3 and seems to have taken quite a dive in the last year. Also he was formally diagnosed a year or so ago. Doc says mid stage early onset (he's 62 now). He is very lost… read more

posted over 1 year ago
A myALZteam Member said:

My sister is in her 6th year & in the later stages - doesn't speak, can still walk, but no interaction, needs help eating, dressing, cleaning, etc.… read more

posted 13 days ago
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how do you deal with them wanting to wear a jumper in Australia when it is very hot. Dad walks for an 1 hr in the morning.

posted about 2 months ago
A myALZteam Member said:

Linda does your father have a cell phone? You can install a locator on it so you can always know his location.

posted about 1 month ago
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Eating problems

My dad is in late stage Alzheimer's and has started not wanting to eat. I have tried everything. He says his teeth hurt his mouth so he won't wear his top plate. Everything i fix has to be soft food. He might eat 5-6 bites all day. Sometimes I can get a milkshake in him. The Doctor told me that this is a sign that the end is getting close. Any suggestions. I am still trying to work. I have cameras in the house and i have a constant watch on him from my office which is only 5 minutes from home. I… read more

posted 8 months ago
A myALZteam Member said:

My husband just wants waffles for dinner. So that is what I fix. I cut them up for him . He has Honey Bunches of oats for breakfast with 1.5 cups of… read more

posted 16 days ago
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