My Husband Of 50 Yes Has Dementia/Alzheimers And I Can Not Get Him To Ever Take Off His Clothes To Shower Or Wash Up Or Just Change. He Just | myALZteam

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My Husband Of 50 Yes Has Dementia/Alzheimers And I Can Not Get Him To Ever Take Off His Clothes To Shower Or Wash Up Or Just Change. He Just
A myALZteam Member asked a question 💭

Put first pair of depends on now I can't get him to take off the wet ones. HELP

posted March 28
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A myALZteam Member

I definately do and unless one has experienced his horrible journey one has no idea. Many many uos and downs. I lost my Mom and Dad 4 days apart in February and layer them both to rest on the same day it has been the most traumatic devastating parts of my life. I miss them dearly every single day. But we definately had some very almost unbareable hopeless days. Its a horrible disease and its so hard for family loved ones and caregivers. Just don't forget not to be too judgemental or hard on yourself. We are human and this disease definately came with no instructions we learn as we go. May God Bless You And Give You The Strength That You Need To Travel This Journey❤

posted April 8
A myALZteam Member

Thank you for your response. I had covered all my other mirrors but not the one in the bathroom. I did finally get depends on him. They help a lot. Your tips are certainly a help. God bless you also as you know how difficult it is somedays.

posted April 7
A myALZteam Member

I came to learn with my Mothers care that she was afraid of the bathroom afraid of falling and I know this is going to sound a bit not normal but she was also afraid of the mirrors. She thought there was always a stranger there watching her. She did not recognize herself. So I would put on soft relaxing music and towels and bath rugs on the bathroom floor where it didn't feel so cold and look so hard and scary. I would point out gently to her that there were stains and food on her clothing and that we never knew when someone may drop in to see her. If you can finally get him to change tell him how handsome he looks and how wonderful he smells load on the compliments. Its definately a challenge you may have to get someone professionally to come in for bath time. Good luck and you guys are in my prayers. Have a Blessed Day.

posted April 6
A myALZteam Member

That’s rough. Perhaps contact a few memory care centers for suggestions. Is there another family member he might listen to? Good luck! 🤗

posted April 6

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