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Mentally Stimulating Activities?
A myALZteam Member asked a question 💭

I’m looking for activities which will stimulate my husband mentally. He’s not really a “games,” person. He does read the paper and watches the news on TV. He has an essential tremor in his dominant hand, which makes some activities difficult/impossible. He has never liked crossword or other puzzles. I’ve started him on Solitaire on his iPhone, which seems doable with hints on, but he does it because I tell him to. Any ideas?

posted September 4, 2021
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A myALZteam Member

You may think this is not for your husband, but please read all the way through.
Everyone kept suggesting jigsaw puzzles to me for my brother. I had no memories of him ever doing jigsaw puzzles, games, cards, etc. I bought a jigsaw puzzle and poured it out on the table. Chuck commented that dad and grandma used to always have a puzzle going. For about 3 days, he would stop and look at the puzzle, but wouldn't work on it. Then he would work on it for a few minutes and after about a week, he would spend hours at the puzzle. This seemed very calming for him and after he moved into assisted living, I often find him at the puzzle table.

posted September 11, 2021
A myALZteam Member

My mom has played cards with her big family all my life but now not much at all. Think she doesnt want her siblings knowing how bad her memory really is. But in her phone, she had a couple solitaire games, but now she has about 50 or more, plus other games and apps. Think when ad pops up she hits it and installs it. Ive deleted them at least 3 times now. She wants a tablet for her fb and games. so maybe her phone should just be for making and recieving calls and text messages ???

posted September 10, 2021
A myALZteam Member

Think you almost have the answer yourself…find what he CAN do and concentrate on that…If it is solitaire with the “hints “ on then go for it…don’t waste time on anything that does not stimulate his interest or is beyond his comfortable level… I have found a simpl word puzzle on the ipad to be quite good…it involves two brain functions…putting letters together to form words and recognising shapes…this may not be for your husband, of course, and I don’t know his current level of cognition but ALZ progressively robs patients of their ability to initiate so “hints “ are areally good strategy for providing confidence to move any game. Good luck

posted September 4, 2021
A myALZteam Member

My husband enjoys using Math Flashcard, of all things. We were helping our grandson study and afterwards my husband keeps reaching for them. He also enjoys Yahtzee on the Ipad, Word Calm to make words, some of the Luminosity games but find he need me to help with the keyboard functions.
My friend a Speech Therapist brought over a number of Sequencing exercises for common household chores like making the bed, cooking hamburgers, doing laundry etc. My husband enjoyed putting the steps in the right order. I was afraid that some of these simple games to keep him busy would hurt his feelings but he said enjoyed keeping his mind active. I don't believe I have been helpful to your question.

posted September 8, 2021
A myALZteam Member

My mom done puzzles just a year ago but hasnt since. she stays busy constantly though. ALWAYS moving things mostly in kitchen cabinets. and of course forgets where she put things. She has started putting cat and dog food in several different containers, baggies etc and sets them in odd places. then tells us shes out and gets more. Not sure her understanding of why on this

posted September 20, 2021

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