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Loss Of Bladder And Bowels Is Such A Problem Now Is This Normal For Dementia?

A myALZteam Member

Im having huge problems with my mother in law and loss of bowels almost everyday, she wont wear the depends most the time and ive tried everything i can think of i just didmt know if this was something that is common. I habe asked her dr and he says its what shes eating but i know what she eats and its not that. Thanks in advance

posted August 7, 2021
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A myALZteam Member

Thank you

posted September 18, 2021
A myALZteam Member

You hurt when someone with AD understands what is happening isn't supposed to happen like a bowel movement. She knows what happened and is confused, angry and sad all at the same time. AD is cruel like that and I hate it. The girls helping her have a very tough job and the pay isn't good enough to keep good people generally so that is helpful she has the girls. Many blessings to you Michele.

posted August 15, 2021
A myALZteam Member

i believe the brain has lost the function to tell the person they have to go to the bathroom. my mom is in a nursing home, she has been since July 1st , when she went in she was able to go to the washroom as needed. Now she is having bowel accidents and i think the brain has stopped telling her she has to have a bowel movement. She is not peeing on herself though. I called her yesterday and she told me she just shit on herself and is sitting at her desk waiting for someone to pick her up, crying the whole time. She did say the girls cleaned her up, she loves the workers at facility and i believe the girls are good to her. How can the brain get so sick and just fade away. She also ask me if her dad was still alive, mom is 89.

posted August 7, 2021
A myALZteam Member

"it's what she's eating"........heard that one too. She was eating semi-solid food at the time and had many bouts on the runs so that made sense to me. But when we began to puree the food, she suddenly had solid BM's. Go figure that one I kept thinking to her doctor. Other than the usual GI testing (which was not going to happen since Mom had an issue with any doctor), he could not explain it. I did go to adult diapers using several pieces of duct tape instead of the lousy tape that came with it (so Mom couldn't pick them off easily), Mom couldn't balance on one leg so this was my final solution and gave me time to help her. We also used the old chair and bucket since she was terrified of the toilet. Many blessings to you Sunnie

posted August 7, 2021
A myALZteam Member

My wife is doubly incontinent and has been for over a year. I am dealing with the additional problem that she has had persistent diarrhea for several months. Lots of laundry every day!

My wife does wear pull ups and that step helps. During the day I ask my wife every 15 or 20 minutes “do you need the bathroom, yes or no?” Most accidents are avoided that way, but it is time consuming and I must be with her throughout the day.

Good luck.

posted August 7, 2021

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