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My 74 year old mother with alzheimers lives alone. If someone is visiting or she has somewhere to go she is alert and awake, but if not she sleeps. I have a nanny cam and she has slept on the couch all day today excpet for 10 minutes when she talked to us on the phone. Is there any medication that can help her be more awake? I could understand this if she was in the later stages but she still drives and completes her ADLs on her own. I would say she sleeps 18+ hours a day. I have noticed that… read more

A myALZteam Member said:

Hi Catherine! There are many reasons that might lead your mother to sleep more, but it sounds like she might need something to engage her in order to stay awake. If she is able to do habitual things and drive to places she knows, she might need the stimulation of planned activities - losing the ability to initiate participation in activities is definitely a symptom of this disease. Perhaps a day program or a daily visit with a friend or family member might help. I definitely know that in the earlier stages of this journey with my Mom, she napped more - I also think that our loved one’s have to put more energy in to focus on just the daily tasks of living, which could lead to needing more sleep. Sending hugs and support!❤️

edited, originally posted about 1 month ago
A myALZteam Member said:

My husband just slept 3 & half hours. He will probably nap again a couple hours this evening. He still drives and grocery shops for us. If he is busy he stays awake most of the day but always naps in the evenings for at least two hours.

posted about 1 month ago
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