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How Do I Take The Keys From Dad?

How Do I Take The Keys From Dad?

Hello All
How do I tell dad that he is no longer able to drive
His neurologist is the one with that great news, dad had an absolute fit in the office so we set up a two part driving test. We took the first part which didn't go so well, his response time to the brake was slow, he needed new glasses so we did that and now the second part is actually driving with the rehab person. Yikes!
I know he won't pass but I had to give him a fighting chance to keep his dignity,
I had his car for a month… read more

A myALZteam Member said:

Hi Jody,

I am going to share my moms story. The family new mom was on this forgetful journey. She left in her SUV one morning but never returned home. A silver alert was activated, many hours later she was found still driving and confused.

We were blessed, no accidents happened. I hope this helps in making a quick decision regarding your father.

Stay strong and many blessings.

edited, originally posted 25 days ago
A myALZteam Member said:

Thanks for your helpful comments.
There are many times that I actually count to 10, breath then jump back into whatever we are doing.
I'm lucky to have an older sister that helps with dad. Both my dad and sister don't "mesh', I'm the peace keeper of the family. Did I say I count to ten a lot? Lol.
Dad is ESRD with a Hemo port with Late onset Alzheimers/no short term memory. The dialysis center is pushing for a Fistula to be placed. We already had vein mapping and Cardiac clearance.
I'm just not sure if I want to proceed with the Fistula, do I want to put dad through another procedure? He's been through so much, do I want to put him through more? . Life for that poor man has tough this year. He's getting stronger every day physically but some ways he's taking steps backwards.
I know with his heart function at 15% and ERSD that its just a matter of time.before he's no longer with us. I cherish every night I stay with him but still counting to ten more often. My daughter stayed with him the other night and when she went to bed there was an open pocket knife left by her pillow. Do I need to take all pf his pocket knives away? (He goes in our room and snoops)
Trying to keep everything together along with my sanity.
Thanks for letting me vent everyone...
Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

Jody daughter of Paul

posted 24 days ago
A myALZteam Member said:

Driving is freedom to many and Mom was the same way. It was taking away her freedom to leave. There is no easy way. Sometimes you have to disconnect the battery to prove the care doesn't run. Sometimes you just have to hide the keys and with patience move forward. Trust me when I say they may say things that hurt your feelings and make you madder than a hornet. But patience and a tough hide should prevail. Actually, you have no choice but to prevail or risk serious issues. Blessings to you for doing the work!

posted 25 days ago
A myALZteam Member said:

Thanks idella,
When I had his car it was a constant battle with every family member.
Dad also hasn't driven in two years except a quick refresher drive before his class.
I'm thinking of finding a non working key fob just hang them up.
I had a tracker on his car but he never drove.
Thanks for the hugs and support

posted 26 days ago
A myALZteam Member said:

The Doctor had my husband go get tested for his driving. And they told him not to drive. They told me to let them tell my husband not to drive so he would be upset with them and not me. Hope this helps.

posted 25 days ago
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