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Eyeglasses Before Alzheimer's

Eyeglasses Before Alzheimer's

My mother had eyeglasses before Alzheimer's, is it possible an eye test be given to people with advanced Alzheimer's -- they wouldn't be able to reply to the eye doctor's questions. Is there a walk around this problem?

A myALZteam Member said:

When my wife had her last eye exam, I called ahead and told the doctor’s staff that there was no purpose in asking her to read tiny lines of text. She can’t do that. But I asked to have the doctor examine her eyes for cataracts or other problems. He did that and she has normal progression of cataracts. Useful to know.

posted 16 days ago
A myALZteam Member said:

What has happened, did she lose them? Contacting the last place she had them made, or her last eye dr. Could at least get you glasses that worked for her before. I thought we would be doing this with my mom, but we finally found hers.

posted 17 days ago
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