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My Mother Won’t Stand Up On Her Own.

My Mother Won’t Stand Up On Her Own.

My mom is 83, living with us and has had dementia for 8 years. I believe we are moving into the final stages. She has started to not stand up/sit up on her own. If I ask her to stand up she will just stair at me and It can take a minimum of 10-20 mins to get her to stand or even try. It’s very frustrating when she is just starting at me and honestly I have yelled at her (not proud of that) to get her moving. I’m not sure if I should help her (which I do) or to try and let her do it on her… read more

A myALZteam Member said:

Hi Suzanne, The physical effects of Alzheimer’s are so varied and effect each person so differently that some people loose their ability to walk early and some never do. I think it is always helpful to remember that what is happening in your Mom’s brain is that connections are not being made to allow her to follow through on the things she is hearing. Her brain may be processing what you are saying but the connection may be lost between that understanding and following through with the motion. If that connection in her brain is gone, it is likely not going to come back, so pushing her verbally or just by trying to give her time probably will only result in frustration for you both. My Mom has experienced a decline in her physical abilities much faster than her cognitive. My Mom can push herself up from a chair, but she always sits back down - she just can’t get her brain to work to help her get to her feet. Learning to help her physically and making sure she is comfortable with that is really important for your safety and hers! Gotta protect our backs!! I have a friend who is a firefighter who taught me how they help people up from chairs and off the floor so that when needed, I can work with my Mom to get her up. A lift chair, risers on the toilets, a walker and bars to grab on to from the bed - these things all help as well. I also made up a little song that I sing when we are getting up so that she hears the same music when we are moving and she now sings it along with me - it makes the whole experience a little less stressful for us both! Sending you hugs and support!❤️

edited, originally posted 8 months ago
A myALZteam Member said:

My mom has struggled with mobility and can not stand on her own anymore but we have worked for a routine on what she needs to do to stand and I have her put her arms around my neck and we hug, then we count to 3 and she knows she then needs to push with her legs to stand. I tried to use the belt but she an dc I didn't get it and she fell twice so we just use this method and I feel good because she still knows to hug me and she still knows when we do this she needs to stand.

posted 8 months ago
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