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Progressive Relaxation, Anyone?
A myALZteam Member asked a question 💭

Have caregivers used Progressive Relaxation as a way to reduce their own stress? This technique has you listen to a soothing voice (with calming music) while you systematically clench and relax various muscle groups. I had found this technique useful several years ago, but I plan on returning to its use now that I am responsible for my wife’s care.

posted August 3, 2020
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A myALZteam Member

I have recorded music my wife likes on a USB flash drive that I cal play in my vehicle's. If I take her on a short trip listening to music she enjoys she relaxes, stops talking to herself and actually sings despite not rembeeing all the words.
I find a tension release when she has no anxiety

posted February 19
A myALZteam Member

Me too!

posted August 9, 2020
A myALZteam Member

I need to look into that. Thanks

posted August 7, 2020

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