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How Can I Get My Mother To Be Diagnosed
A myALZteam Member asked a question 💭

Its obvious my mother has alzheimers and is getting worse. My step dad and I looking for solutions to get her diagnosed. Deep down she knows she has it. When she forgets things she really gets upset. If you even mention anything regarding it, suggestions or mention anything to do with memory she makes the roof come off. I just moved back this week to be closer. This is heartbreaking and sad.i hate watching my mom fall apart and I feel so helpless. My stepfather spends every waking hour on the… read more

posted February 18, 2020
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A myALZteam Member

There are more than a dozen things you could try to slow down the progression and possible reverse some symptoms. They start with really basic things. Diet is really important! Many of us find removing sugar and flour help a great deal! Health food choices really make a difference!

posted March 5, 2020
A myALZteam Member

Hi TH9! I’m so sorry that you are going through the struggle that so many of us have been through. It took me a long time to get my Mom to be willing to go to the doctor, even her PCP who she has seen for decades and has a great relationship with. For me it took convincing her that I needed to know what was happening because I was really scared that if it wasn’t a memory issue, something else pretty horrible was happening. What if she had a brain tumor or some other disorder that could be treated? Maybe bringing a trusted family friend into the conversation might help - a pastor or long time family friend who would be able to explain that you and your stepdad are worried and need to know how to handle whatever is in the future. I also think that making a decision to go through the evaluation process doesn’t mean that other decisions have to be made immediately. Although we started medication right away (including an antidepressant that made the next few months easier than they otherwise might have been), we put off making any other huge decisions for about 6 months, and made a priority of spending time with family and friends and going to special places. My Mom was clear that part of her fear was that having a diagnosis meant life was over- I set out to make sure she didn’t feel that way. I wish you so much goodness and patience through this process- your Mom loves you and is probably really scared. Sending hugs and support to you and your stepdad!❤️

posted February 18, 2020 (edited)
A myALZteam Member

Yes it is very scary! My Mom was diagnosed 3 years ago and was in denial the whole time (now she doesn’t even remember she has it.)
My Mom has these tests that her neurologist suggested -
PET scan, CAT scan, MRI, ultrasound. Find a neurologist and they can help.
My family and I had a heart to heart talk with my Mom and that seemed to help her decision into getting tested. Best of luck ❤️❤️

posted February 18, 2020
A myALZteam Member

Bless you for moving closer...if you know name of mom's family dr perhaps you or stepdad could send him/her a brief point form note of your concerns re mom in case she sees dr for something else...dr can't answer any questions but can certainly take note of family's concerns. Is there any chance stepdad has same dr as mom ?

posted February 18, 2020
A myALZteam Member

I wasn't around when my father was diagnosed. I'm not sure I know where you live but are memory care centers with excellent doctors that will preform simple tests. These tests will help the process.
Most importantly.....know the disease. Kutos to your father for researching the disease. Once you understand the disease, please sit down with your mother and help her understand the disease. Be honest. They will not be as scared if they know the processes they will go through. Talk about it.
My father will say to helped me solve my diabetes and made me healthy, he'll lower his head and say.....can you help solve whats going on in my head? I hold his had and say I cannot change the disease but I can help you understand what is happening and I'll be here to help you through it. This disease is eating away parts of your brain/memory. What we can do is try to keep you memories alive with pictures and reminders.

posted November 26, 2021

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