Mom Is Asking To Do Errands. She Doesn’t Need To Do Errands Cause. Is It A Good Idea To Be Taking Her Out A Lot? I | myALZteam

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Mom Is Asking To Do Errands. She Doesn’t Need To Do Errands Cause. Is It A Good Idea To Be Taking Her Out A Lot? I
A myALZteam Member asked a question 💭
posted March 6, 2018
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A myALZteam Member

I find that taking hubby out cheers him up, and helps reduce his depression caused by inactivity. His lack of mobility ( we use a wheelchair) means that he needs some sort of stimulus outside our four walls. This also helps me, as a home that becomes a prison is totally depressing.

posted March 9, 2018
A myALZteam Member

I also find my mom is so much better/happy when we get out. Sometimes it is just a walk around the market and lasts only 10 minutes. If we stay in too many days she tends to sleep a lot and almost get catatonic

posted March 16, 2018
A myALZteam Member

@A myALZteam Member I credit my Mom being in a better mood by having things to do and getting out of the house and company coming in at least a few times a week. The change in focus makes the brain work better and my Mom has to focus more to know what is going on. There are still days that the TV is predominant, but I have noticed that she is finding things to do to keep her busy, like taking out things for a meal, or light housework, or sewing or she even has done, snow shovelling! And my Mom has always been reluctant to go to restaurants, so we go for coffee at someone's house usually.

posted March 15, 2018
A myALZteam Member

I videotaped her doctor saying it is unsafe for her to drive and play the video whenever she argues. Thank God she follows doctors order.

posted March 7, 2018
A myALZteam Member

Whenever Nita gets dressed and wants to go out to eat, we go. This happens seldom. If we are to go visit friends, I tell her I am leaving in an hour and want her to go along. She will always try to reschedule appointments but I tell her the doctor said she needs to come as close to her appointment as possible or pay for the office visit. Her doctor said to use his name for persuasion. So we do! Her doctor said...a nurse must come to see physical when taking medication...have us live with her or go to a nursing home...

posted March 7, 2018

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