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Stages Of Altzheimers
A myALZteam Member asked a question 💭

Hi all, just wondering how long other people have found from when they first noticed symptoms of loosing things and memory loss to when their loved one becomes incontinent and unable to do their own personal cares etc
My husband has shown signs of altzheimers for 10 years now and getting progressively worse over the last 3 and seems to have taken quite a dive in the last year. Also he was formally diagnosed a year or so ago. Doc says mid stage early onset (he's 62 now). He is very lost… read more

posted April 29, 2017
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A myALZteam Member

My mother in law is 86 n 4 years into her official diagnosis.
She can still toilet herself and undress herself feed herself just but she constantly needs reassurance. She talks a lot of rubbish and we have to second guess what she wants but I'd say my mother in law is closer to the end than your husband. Unless they have a massive physical downturn I'd say no one can really say how much time before this stage or that. Everyone is different.

posted June 17, 2019
A myALZteam Member

We. Seem to. Be having the same. Issue. You Sam take him to a senior center. Where they have group. Exercise. Classes. Jim do not like showers any more so every morning around 10. He take a bath. They say. Sleep important. He go to bed at 11 pm. And I get him up at 10. He now in pull up. They're like diaper. Then while he in the tube I make breakfast. Then after that. We play a game findcthe match. He. Stop reading. His short. Term memory. Is gone. Now so I played the same games 6 time a day to make it. Tonhis long term memory. I wish you luck. Just remember take each moment. One moment at a time. So you can remember. The good. Moments hugs

posted May 5, 2017
A myALZteam Member

My husband sounds the same too, although has been diagnosed 7 years he had a TIA 14 years ago, although we didn't realise at the time (we had 60 cub scouts due to arrive at camp) I just thought he was tired! also on diagnosis it turns out he had a fractured skull which was he did 15 years ago! (he didn't know he had even down it. He stood up under a safe ) had been showing signs about 3 years previous to diagnosis. He cant dress or clean teeth now, and has asphsia now. Mine just doesn't have a clue about anything, also now struggling with eating, ie not sure what to do with knife and fork. down to 9st 10 fully clothed on build up drinks now from Doctors. not really answered your question Lynn i think it is just so different with everyone. I will end with giving you a laugh, i caught my husband the other day washing his hands in the toilet! that was a first for me! my motto is Pick your battles, and dont sweat the small stuff! if they want to go to bed with their clothes on, let them, it isnt worth the aggro! Regards Lynne, or Knighton Lynne had gone!

posted April 30, 2017
A myALZteam Member

This is my husband you... would be good to know...Alan is about 5 yrs on this road and two yrs since diagnosis. how yr discribing your husband is same as he is...still showering toileting shaving dressing himself...altho I put his clothes out for him as he has no idea whats what ...he dosent hav a clue abt days months seasons or years. Cant recall his childrens names when I speak o

about them or where they live let alone grandchildren....its horrible...

posted April 30, 2017 (edited)
A myALZteam Member

Looking back I now realize she had minor periods of forgetfulness two ot three years before being diagnose. Her diagnosis came when there was a dramatic weight loss. We didn't know she was so disorganized she stopped cooking and eating. She complained of a feeling like water being sprayed inside her head. She was diagnosed with anorexia, depression and LBD with Parkinson's symptoms at 77 and today she is 89. She's still continent, feeds herself and dresses herself with assistance.

posted November 3, 2019

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